Lend A Bin is providing a new way to move without the hassle of using traditional cardboard boxes that are harmful to the environment. Our bins are 100% recyclable and can be used well over 800 times before needing to be replaced. Our bins are also built to improve client efficiency when moving and are water resistant to ensure a safe transportation of your goods.

Bin Rentals For Your Residential, Commercial, and Long Distance Moves.

A Quick Peek Into Lend A Bin

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How We Work

Place Your Order

Your experience with Lend A Bin starts by you placing an order either by using our secure online system or giving us a call at (416) 566-4260 or sending us a message

We Deliver

Once we receive your order, we will give you a call to confirm your order details. Your bins will be delivered at your convenience for your use.

You Move

You may choose to move the bins yourself or have us complate your move by selecting from one of our popular moving services. Either way, your move is assured to be stress-free, safe and most imporantly - environmentally friendly.

We Pick Up

It is time to say goodbye to our bins as our employees arrive to collect them. During pick-up, we will ask for feedback about your move from you to ensure that yourself and our future patrons are satisfied.


One of the most professional people I have worked with in a while. I am glad a service like this exists, because it definitely made my moving experience a lot better. If I ever plan on relocating again, I am definitely requesting this service.

Patrick H. Baldwin Residential Client

Cheap and reusable bins, now that's what I call an idea no one’s thought about. Very affordable, and you're definitely getting your money's worth this company.

Juan Christian Commercial Client

What I like the most is the ability to label the boxes, it keeps things really organized and easy. Thanks guys, definitely recommend using your services again in the future.

Marjorie Conley Commercial Client

They are strong boxes, don’t really have to worry about punctures or breakage when moving. I like their service as it is easy. They also deliver and pick up bins...not much hassle to it.

Corrina R. Hughes Residential Client